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Woodworking Machinery Repair and Sales
Comprehensive Maintenance Solutions LLC
Woodworking Equipment Repair and Sales

Apex Wood 3000 Series
The 3000-series of machines are built with the heaviest production requirements in mind. They are designed to handle such applications as calibrating,
white-wood sanding, cross grain removal, veneer sanding, sealer sanding, brushing/denibbing, distressing, or a combination of these applications. This series of machine can be built in both top and bottom configurations.  Call us at 440.543.6784, email us,or fill out our information request form.
Machine Features
  •     Heavy duty construction designed to handle 24-7 production needs
  •     Machines built in widths from 25″ to 64″ and multiple head frames
  •     Dual infeed and outfeed pinch rolls to ensure parts feed through machine properly
  •     One- to four-head configurations with drum, cutter head, brush, disc, or combination heads
  •     Machines built in both top and bottom configurations
  •     Individual cam adjustment down to .001″ per head for accurate sanding
  •     Air-loaded cylinder for automated belt tensioning
  •     Automatic abrasive belt tracking to ensure proper belt alignment during operation
Belt Size:  Width: 25" to 64" Length: 75" to 103"
Motor Size:  15 HP to 75 HP
Number of Heads:  1 to 4
Drum Size:  150 mm to 280 mm
Drum Durometer:  35 to 90 Durometers Available
Feed Motor:  2 HP to 7.5 HP
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