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Giben GS Nesting Line by Anderson
The GS is a linear motor driven CNC that eliminates the use of ballscrews and rack and pinions on the X and Y axis.  This technology eliminates backlash while providing extremely fast acceleration and deceleration speeds that allows for faster machining speeds without the tool dulling associated with slowing down around corners.  The GS also utilizes ANDI-DRILL speed drilling technology allowing rapid travel as soon as the drill block dust collection sensor senses the brushes have left the table.  Utilizing the work list with automatic loading and unloading the GS Nesting Line advances automatically between programs.  Automatic or manual labeling is available.  Winner of the 2016 Challenger award at IWF the GS is the highest production nested based CNC on the market.
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Table Size: 2700mm x 1300mm (4FT X 9FT), 3100 x 1600mm (5FT X 10FT),
3700mm x 1600mm (5FT X 12FT)

X and Y Axis Drive Systems: ANDI linear motor technology 

Rapid Travel Speed: X-axis and Y-axis 120 meters/minute,
Z-axis 60 meters/minute

Router Spindle: 18 HP ANDI HSK-63f liquid cooled spindle, 1000 - 24000 RPM

Drill Block: 10 x 7 vertical with ANDI-DRILL speed drilling technology

Vacuum Pump: Two (2) x 10 hp Becker vacuum pump, optional
40HP Dekker vacuum pump

Tool Change: 8 position carousel (Optional 12 Position)
Challenger Award
Winner IWF 2016