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Comprehensive Maintenance Solutions LLC
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The Icon FAST offers heavy machine construction, reliable machine design and a complete list of features including patented Giben PM moving clamp technology.  Available as a rear load machine.  Call us at 440.543.6784, email us, or fill out our information request form.
Cut Length: 3300mm/3800mm/4400mm (10'/12'/14')

Blade Projection: 115mm/140mm (4.5"/5.5")

Main Motor: 25HP

Scoring Motor: 2HP

Saw Carriage Speed: 170m/min (558ft/min)

Pusher Speed: 90m/min (295ft/min)

Loading:  Available as front and rear loading
Main Motor 40hp
Blade cooling by air
Blade cooling by mist
Touch Screen
Laser on cutline
Grooving via servo drive
Remote scoring adjustment
Main motor controlled by inverter
Y and X cut moving clamps
Thin Material loading