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Comprehensive Maintenance Solutions LLC
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Giben KG 365

The KG365 includes the pre-melt glue unit to allow lower glue levels in the glue pot resulting in less charring, profile scraping and optional glue scraping.  The profile scraping station removes tooling marks on thicker edges for a finished look.   Call us at 440.543.6784, email us,or fill out our information request form.

Heated Fence
Edge loading and cutting
Glue pot
Four roller pressure section
Automatically oiled two motor end trim
Top and bottom fine trim
Touch Screen
Belt speed 10-15-20 meters/minute
Maximum panel height 60mm
Maximum edge thickness 3mm with strip feeder 6mm
Minimum Length 100mm
Minimum width 80mm
Optional strip feeder
Machine dimensions 14x4x6
Gross Weight 3500lbs