Comprehensive Maintenance Solutions LLC
Woodworking Machinery Repair and Sales
Comprehensive Maintenance Solutions LLC
Woodworking Equipment Repair and Sales

Prisma3000 SP(T)

Is available in multiple sizes and configurations.  This heavy built saw when paired with servo driven moveable  X and Y clamps increases board yield and efficiency in production.  The rear load option reduces material handling and cycle time.  Call us at 440.543.6784, email us,or fill out our information request form.

Cut Length: 1600mm / 3300mm / 3800mm / 4500mm / 6000mm(5'/10'/12'/14'/20')

Blade Projection: 115mm / 130mm (4.1"/4.6")

Main Motor: 25HP

Scoring Motor: 2HP

Saw Carriage Speed: 170m/min (558ft/min)

Pusher Speed: 90m/min (295ft/min)

Loading:  Available as front and rear loading