All our work is accomplished with your most valuable commodity as our key concern... the safety of your employees! We stay with in OSHA's guidelines to ensure the safety of your equipment operators.

Your reputation is reflected by the quality of your products. So is ours! All our work is performed by highly qualified individuals who specialize in woodworking equipment repair and maintenance.

None of our efforts will matter if you are not able to ship your product on time. Let CMS provide your equipment with the required maintenance, without compromising your on time deliveries, and in turn, increase the output and life span of your equipment.

Save money by planning your maintenance rather then waiting for it to become a necessity! We can keep you running efficiently with a customized preventative maintenance program. On the occasions that you do have equipment break downs, you will appreciate our 24 hour service. CMS can offer you all the benefits of having a full time maintenance technician at just a fraction of the cost.