You depend on your equipment to perform when you need it. Every hour that your equipment is down, puts your on time deliveries in jeopardy! The first step to get your equipment running is to find an available technician to assess it. Now there is local service available any time of day, any day of the week!

We service a wide variety of name brands and equipment types used in the woodworking industry. Problems with machines at one point in the operation often show up as symptoms on other machines farther down the line in the machining process. You no longer have to guess which machine specific technician to call in to correct the problem. Guess wrong and you may have to pay for two visits by two different technicians. CMS has the necessary training and experience to locate problems and repair them even if the problem originated on a piece of equipment in a previous stage of the process before you noticed it.

Our experience in electrical, electronic, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulics, PLC, and CNC controls assures answers to your problems. You can expect dependable, competent service from Comprehensive Maintenance Solutions!