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Comprehensive Maintenance Solutions LLC
Woodworking Equipment Repair and Sales

Vitap Blitz 

Blitz is an extremely efficient, reliable and intuitive drilling gluing and dowel inserting machine with numerical control.  The numerical control machine is the ideal solution for companies that need large productions or who work according to the 'Just in time' philosophy.

Thanks to its reliability you will be able to perform the boring and insertion of the pins with the same machine in an extremely precise way. The TPA software makes it a fast and easy to program.   Call us at 440.543.6784, email us,or fill out our information request form.

Machine standard equipment:
- Software and automatic device for injector cleaning
- Fast injector release for easy maintenance
- n°1 horizontal drilling head
- n°1 glue and dowels inserting unit
- n°1 high capacity vibrator to feed the dowels
- n°4 clamps