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Comprehensive Maintenance Solutions LLC
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Vitap Point 2

Point 2 is a CNC machining center a numerical control boring machine with a through panel drilling from below and automatic return of the piece to the operator, with front and / or rear panel discharge.  The revolutionary patented belt movement system applied to Point 2 will allow you to carry out seamless handling and cancel set-up times.  Call us at 440.543.6784, email us,or fill out our information request form.
Number of vertical independent spindles:  9
Number of horizontal spindles on axis X : (2+2)
Number of horizontal spindle on axis Y: (1+1)
N° 1 saw blade unit:  (ø 100 mm - 7000 rpm)
Max. thickness of the panel:  50 mm
Control:  Full Parametric
Max panel size: X   no limit, Y 920, Z 50 mm
Min panel size:   X 270,Y 150 (70 op.), Z 12mm
Number of controlled axes:  3
Panel feeding speed:   25m/min
Spindles speed rotation:   3500 rpm
Diameter of the dust extraction:  2 x ø 100 mm + 1 x ø 50 mm
Max drilling depth in horiz. on X and Y axis: 30 mm
Max drilling depth in vertical:  45 mm
Max horizontal diameter of the tools:  12 mm
Max vertical diameter of the tools:  35 mm
Weight: 1610lbs