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Vitap Point K2 Topn

Finalist in 2017 of the prestigious AWFS Visionary New Machine Award in Las Vegas, USA, is the only machine in the world with double D-D-T System patent, & Software BAR Nesting. Thanks to the double clamp technology it is able to complete the machining of the four sides of the panel and of the lower face in a single process, without any intermediate intervention or set-up by the operator.  Call us at 440.543.6784, email us,or fill out our information request form.
Number of vertical independent spindles :  12        
Number of horizontal spindles on axis X :  (2+2)        
Number of horizontal spindle on axis Y:  (2+2)        
N° 1 saw blade unit:  (0100 mm)        
N° 1 Router head:  4,5 Kw ISO 30 - 12000/24000 rpm        
Max. thickness of the panel :  50 mm        
Control:  Full Parametric        
Max panel size :  X C/J ,Y 1200 , Z 50 mm
Min panel size:  X 270,Y 150 (70 opt .), Z 3 mm        
Number of controlled axes:  3        
Panel feeding speed:  25 m/min        
Spindles speed rotation :  3600 rpm        
Saw blade speed rotation :  7000 rpm        
Diameter of the dust extraction:  2 x0 100 mm+ 1x0 50 mm
Max drilling depth in horiz. on X and Y axis:  30 mm        
Max drilling depth in vertical:  45 mm        
Max horizontal diameter of the tools:  12mm        
Max vertical diameter of the tools:  35 mm